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I N T E R I O R   D E S I G N  &  E - D E S I G N

At The Inside Story, we believe that the best spaces are a reflection of you or your business and we value function, comfort, and beauty. Beginning with research and inspiration, we move through the stages of design with you to find you the most functional yet stylish solutions, while also considering practical measures such as budget, accessibility, and timeline.

With our digital service we are able to offer you online guidance that is a simple and affordable alternative to our full interior design service. The ideal package for those in need of help designing their space but are happy to manage and oversee the project.


B E S P O K E  C A R P E N T R Y  &  J O I N E R Y 

Our in-house carpentry and joinery service allows us to work directly with our specialised carpenter/joiner to create bespoke pieces to fit any size, design, colour etc. From bookcases to custom furniture, our custom pieces are always designed with style and function in mind. 


I N T E R I O R   S T Y L I N G

Our Interior Styling Service is perfect for those looking to refresh their current space or those looking to add the final finishing touches to pull a room together.  Embrace a space that not only looks stunning but also feels like a true reflection of you.

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